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Venue: Weathervane Theatre

Direction: Cady Huffman*

Set Design: Gibbs Murray

Lighting Design: Scout Hough

Costume Design: Rien Schlecht

Sound Design: Isaiah Parnell

Stage Manager: Kara Procell*

Train Passing By - Isaiah Parnell

Fifteen-year-old math whiz Christopher Boone lives with his divorced dad in Swinton, a working-class town west of London. After being falsely accused of killing a neighbor’s dog, Christopher—who is brilliant but has difficulty dealing with the sounds and stresses of everyday life—decides to investigate the crime. The secrets he unearths prompt him to leave his trusted teacher and the familiar streets of his hometown for a life-changing train trip to London. Based on Mark Haddon’s best-selling 2003 novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a thrilling and heartwarming adventure story featuring an unforgettable young hero.

My sound design was inspired by the visual storytelling in the play along with the fantastical elements created by the lighting and the actors in the world. I wanted the show to flow with sound and bring the audience into the mind of Christopher by enhancing the audible experience creating a surround sound soundscape for multiple scenes. With the use of Synths and drones, i was able to create a unique tone for each of the characters that defined their personality and actions throughout the play. Ed's tone was a dark drone with an airy synth underneath, While Siobhan's tone was bright and airy that brought the sense of hope to Christopher whenever she was around. Christopher's journey the the heart and drive of the story, so each of his world were filled with creative sounds and tones that were unique to our Christopher as he uncovers the case of the dead dog and his past.

Prolouge Intro - Isaiah Parnell

*Denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers
in the United States

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