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Venue: Cherry Artspace (Hangar Theatre)

Direction: Tom Costello

Set Design: Tony DiBernardo

Lighting Design: Aaron Curry

Costume Design: Phuong Nguyen

Sound Design: Isaiah Parnell

Stage Manager: Joshua Hornback

Photos: Rachel Philipson

The Messenger is a story about a person who is always delivering bad news to people until she decides to stop and change the bad news into good news. Along this journey she finds that there are consequences to her actions and that there has to be a balance. Throughout the play, our Messenger lives between these two places which are our "real world" and a sort of "limbo" space. My design concept was to make a very clear distinction of when our Messenger is in these two spaces and how she interacts with these two spaces. The "real world" is a much more brighter and more defined space while the "limbo" is a gray area where the lines are groggy and mushy and you can't really tell what anything is. I used a lot of natural sounds for when the play exist in the real world and i used dark drones and synths to create or space of limbo. These two spaces are the doorway that our audience is able to connect and understand the characters in this play as the navigate themselves what is right or wrong and what we do if we ourselves were in The Messenger's shoes?

Preshow/Limbo Drone - Isaiah Parnell
Swarm of Vultures Opening - Isaiah Parnell
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