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Venue: Blair Hall Theatre

Direction: Chris Harmon

Set Design: Chris Harmon

Light Design: Jadon Bischoff

Costume Design: Erin Waldon

Sound Design: Isaiah Parnell

Property Design: Gina Fidder

Stage Manger: Jennifer Landis

Fight Montage Mix - Isaiah Parnell

In the year 1995, Agnes Evans and her party of fighters set out on an adventure to find the lost soul of Athens through a world full of monsters, creatures, and gelatinous cubes. My design concept was to infuse 90's style music with fantasy music to create a soundtrack that would underscore scene transitions and fight choreography, taking the characters and the audience on a fun and exciting adventure. To achieve this goal, I chose 40 songs and 15 sound effects that I thought best fit the atmosphere of the play and the world our design team had created. One of the choices I made as the sound designer was to carefully pick a place in the show to play a theme song for each character in the show that I thought best defined their unique personalities. Agnes' theme was from the popular TV show Xena: Warrior Princess and it underscored her fight against the Tiamat to help define her character as a strong, powerful and independent woman. Along with choosing songs, I created remixes of songs by editing different songs and sound effects and put them together to create a "megamix' that the fight choreographer and the actors used to underscore a majority of the fight scenes throughtout the show.

Bonus Round Dance Battle Mega Mix - Isaiah Parnell
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