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Venue: Blair Hall Theatre

Direction: Kimberly Borst

Set Design: Chris Harmon

Lighting Design: Daniel Brunk

Costume Design: Kathleen Hotmer

Sound Design: Isaiah Parnell

Properties Design: Sarah Gomes

Wig & Makeup Design: Brooke Watson

Flight Direction: William Courson

Stage Manager: Kristie Lickliter

Dracula Voiceover w/ Underscore - Isaiah Parnell

Steven Dietz beautifully captures the spirit and thrilling horror of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel of Dracula. Throughout the show, we follow Dracula's story through the eyes of Johnathan Harker as he is the first to encounter the vicious Dracula in Transylvania. As Dracula continues his conquest toward England, Harker and his friends set out on a thrilling journey to stop the blood thirsty vampire. For this production, I chose to use the original score created by Roberta Carlson along with small compositions of my own inspired from her score. My design concept was to surround the audience and submerge them in the world of the play. I heavily relied on the use of surround sound to give the audience the feeling of suspense as they are watching our character onstage navigate through the presence of Dracula. Creating this atmosphere allowed the actors and the audience to feel the true thrill and horror of Stoker's most dangerous and riveting creature ever created.

Act 1 Finale Underscore - Isaiah Parnell
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